Tabitha's Story


INTRO PART 2: Tabitha’s Story 

I don’t take for granted your trusting me to walk you through this beautiful process of healing to OWN YOUR STORY. 

I decided to do this second Intro because I believe it’s important that you get to know me better because you’re trusting me to guide you through a very delicate process and I don’t take that lightly. 

I know you’re a Trailblazer and you may be used to traveling this road of life alone. 

You and I both know, going the journey alone can be hard. I’ve been there--not sure of how to get healed from the pains of my past! It was surely a lonely road.  

That’s why I created this tutorial because I want you to have access to the clear answers and step by step process I wish I had long ago.  

I also want you to know you can be at ease in knowing that I got your back and with you working along with me--- team effort--- we will get through this together. 

I must warn you there will be parts along the way that may feel bumpy and uncomfortable. That’s all part of the process. Give yourself grace. You’re not going to get it all at once the first time. I know I surely didn’t! Remember you have access to this tutorial for life! I encourage you to listen to it at least three times all the way through before you begin implementing the steps. 

Can you agree to do that? Good! 

Before we start, I would like you to take a moment, stop whatever you’re doing (unless you’re driving of course) get still, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath in through your nose and release slowly out your mouth. Relax those shoulders. One more slow deep breath in through your nose and release slowly out your mouth. 

Okay good. Now we’re ready.  would help if you know why I am qualified to do so. 

Allow me to first share what I am NOT: I’m not a counselor, therapist, doctor, psychologist, pastor. If that’s what you feel you need, please feel free to email and request a refund so you can use your money towards the help from the professional you’re seeking. 

…are you still here? Okay! Well then let me begin by sharing a snapshot of my Professional Background: 


I’ve worked as a ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health coach for over 17 years. I  developed training and lifestyle programs for CEOS, High Rank Military Personnel, Hollywood Elites, Athletes, Public Officials and many more. 

The programs I created were focused on improving and in many cases transforming the overall health and wellbeing of my clients so they could do what they do everyday with greater efficiency and ease. 

Through the years of building programs, training, and consulting with clients I developed and sharpened transferable skill sets such as: 

  • Customization of Program Development for individuals and groups 
  • Effective Communication in 1 on 1 settings to group sizes of 500 and more
  • Goal Setting with step by step processes that yield successful results in a realistic time frame. 
  • Clear assessment of clients to determine the best approach to follow in achieving their goals.
  • Detailed tracking and testing to measure the overall effectiveness of the training program. 

I was also awarded by the city of Glendale for my outstanding work. 

Although I was doing incredible work professionally it was my personal story that prepared me to serve in such an impactful way. Would you be okay with me sharing my story with you? 

I believe that you’re saying yes. 

I was born in St. Thomas, USVI. It was rough growing up in a household where tension was always high due to living in an unfinished house and my Dad’s volatile temper. 

I thought if I did everything right at home, excelled at school, developed my musical and athletic abilities that would help make things better. 

Deep down I just wanted to run away and escape the chaos at home forever. As things grew worse, I started to lose hope of getting out alive. 

I developed a stutter, severe panic attacks, social anxiety, lost control of my bladder, and lost more than 50% of my sight. I started feeling insecure and questioned my worth. 


Then one day at school, I witnessed one of my classmates get physically and verbally accosted by his guardian in front of everyone! That’s when I realized my Mother, siblings, and I weren’t alone. 


This gave me a renewed sense of purpose to help those who felt unseen and powerless to know their worth and immense value.

The only problem was,  I didn’t want to dishonor my family in revealing what life really was like behind closed doors. 

My first major Epiphany happened later on when I realized I had the power to choose how I was going to feel about myself regardless of the challenges I faced at home. So I decided to dive in and make my dreams come true!

At the young age of 13, I became a paid Public Speaker. Although I enjoyed the work, I realized the only way to have a lasting impact on any audience would be to share my personal story. I was too afraid to do that. 

So my plan was to stay focused on developing my passion of storytelling, work as an Actress in the Entertainment Industry where I could hide behind telling other people stories; and when I became famous and had a platform then I would share my story and people would listen. 

Sounds like a solid plan right? Well every acting job I booked, I kept being asked, “Tabitha, what’s your story?” 

Fast forward to 2012, I had now left the Entertainment Industry hoping to find fulfillment working on my long time side hustle as a Top Notch Personal Trainer helping my clients get their health back on track. 


Over the years I had been developing training programs for Athletes, High Ranked Military Personnel, CEOs, Hollywood Elites, then later on it grew to my serving a couple hundred of clients. My business was doing well, but I felt STUCK and miserable. 


I had to make a change. It was DO or DIE.

With the help of God and powerful mentors like Television and Broadway Star, Hattie Winston Wheeler and Hollywood Producer, Julieann Hartman—I took the leap into facing the pains of my past to overcome the trauma of abuse, addiction, anxiety, and unforgiveness. 

This led me to developing my one Woman Show, “My SECRETS and The Power of Forgiveness” that I ended up doing a 12 city tour with. 

Audiences started asking to buy my book so they could read the stories over and over again. The problem was I did not have a book nor had I ever written one before! I kept telling myself I couldn’t afford to take time off to write one either. 

I fought and fought writing this book for the next two and half years. Until I realized it was never about me but the many people the book could help! 

I finally humbled myself and wrote the book. 


In my newly released book, “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” it shares my imperfect story of life struggles and lessons that will lead you back to your Source where you will find refuge, healing, and freedom. Which you can learn more about my book by visiting my website 


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