Welcome to the MSM Tutorial


You’re listening to Tabitha Christopher’s MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial on How to Stop FAKING IT, & OWN YOUR STORY! 

Hi there Trailblazer, welcome to the MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial. 

I’m Tabitha Christopher of tabithachristopher.com the CEO & Founder of Tabitha Christopher Coaching, LLC. 

You may have seen me on a scroll around the internet. Maybe you tuned in to one of my broadcasts on Facebook, Periscope, or Instagram. Maybe you’ve purchased my book “SECRETS, The book of Destiny”. Maybe you came across one of my videos on YouTube or you may have caught me dropping jewels of wisdom from an event’s stage. 

However we connected I am glad you’re here. 

Just in case you may have never heard of me before, allow me to briefly introduce myself to you so we can get better acquainted. 

I’m a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ, Award Winning Trainer, Professional Storyteller, and MINDstyle MAKEOVER Coach what that means is I provide the step by step process,  tools, and support you need to heal and OWN YOUR STORY so you can boldly step into your purpose and fulfill your God given destiny! 

That’s why you enrolled in this course, because you know there is something massive on the inside of you that the world needs and that something is your story. But you’ve felt some trepidation around sharing your personal story with others. 

Maybe you’re afraid that sharing your story may hurt some of your loved ones, it might ruin your reputation, your probably that certain parts of your past story could possibly crush your career. Yet you know that there are so many lessons embedded in your story that could help a lot of people including the ones you love most. 

Well, with my MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial you can expect to learn how to

  • Shift from Allowing the pains from your past to hold you back from future gains.
  • Get free from the shame and guilt you’ve had from suppressing your story.
  • Go from your story owning you to healing and OWNING YOUR STORY. 

Sounds good? Good. 

Before we dive in, I want to encourage you to feel empowered to take your time with this Tutorial. Yes you could easily go through it in less than 2 hours, but that’s not why you enrolled in this course. You’re here because you desire answers to aid you in your life’s journey. I encourage you to go through it in bite size. You can listen to one lesson a day or every two days---the power is in your hands with this course to customize your listening and learning experience to what works best for you.  

Now on that note, Let’s get started! 

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