What I learned that did work!

Intro Part 3b What I learned that did work

Fast forward to five years later, I’ve now helped a little over a hundred clients transform their health and lives. Yet I was struggling with my own health and personal life.

To drown out my misery, I would

  1. Work long hours
  2. Pile my plate up with a ton of responsibilities
  3. Avoid uncomfortable conversations
  4. Shut out people and meaningful relationships 
  5. Before I nearly had a heart attack I would push my body to extreme lengths of pain with exercise to attempt to drown the pain out within. Since I couldn’t do that anymore another bad habit slipped in watching porn. My attempt to desensitize me to any healthy emotion of love because I believed love only produced pain like my past. 

It was in 2013, I started working with this ONE unicorn of a client who ended up changing my life for the better when she shared her healing story with me. Her childhood was eerily similar to mine, but worse. She talked about all the things she tried, to disassociate herself completely from her past until she heard the ONE story that changed her life. 

That one story she shared was of Jesus. But I already knew His story. I was a Christian and I was still miserable. Yet this time around of becoming reacquainted with Him after hearing how He helped her healed was different. I slowly opened up and became more willing to receive truth to understand and transform my life verses just simply knowing it.

Here are FIVE simple things I learned that helped me to get on the path of healing to own my story that I am now going to walk you through to start doing as well. 

  1. Slow down and Get Still to Eliminate all distractions. 
  2. Go for “slow” walks and take in the beauty of the earth around you. Start off with a short 10 minute walk in your backyard, around the block, at a park, at the beach and eventually add more time day by day. If you’re not able to walk (close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful place on earth that you would love to visit. Is it a garden filled with exotic plants, green trees, where you can hear the cheerful chirping of the birds, and feel the gentle whisper of the wind moving through the leaves? Where ever it is go to that place in your mind)
  3. Start to journal about all the beautiful things that you see on your walks or in your imagination. 
  4. Take a deep breath in and slowly release out. When you breathe just think that breath is God’s breath that’s giving you life to live. So Be grateful.  
  5. See yourself as God sees you. Valuable and worthy of His love. 

In the next lesson I will share an exercise that will help you to see how God sees you. This exercise will help you to take focus from your past pains to your present and future gains.